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Pata Negra, 100% Iberico, JIMÉNEZ
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Jiménez is breeding its own 100% Ibérico pigs in the Extremadura and Salamanca in Spain. Up to an age of 24 months, our animals, meanwhile 4,500, completely live as free-range pigs on the wild meadows (dehesas) and natural oak forests of the Extremadura, the heart and home of the 100% Ibérico race.


100% genetic purity of the Ibérico race means the heighest level of quality of the precious Ibéric ham (Pata Negra).

The share of the pure breed 100% Ibérico in relation to the total Ibérico market is less than 3%, whereas the sort Pata Negra, which means feeding with acorn, is even less and amounts less than 1%.

Equivalently to the rareness of this breed the taste is an outstanding experience for gourmets.


In the beginning of 2014 in Europe, the strictest law ever came into force, which will prevent the race and will ensure the quality of the products.  As a spanish company with a location in Germany Jiménez is the first and exclusive supplier, which is officially certified according to the new law. This certificate allows us to produce, process and sell these pure Ibérico products. 

With regards to the purity of the breed and quality the certificate enables us to provide 100% transparency to the consumers.

The Ibérico ham is available in three different quality standards. Depending on the feeding of the animals you can distinguish between “de cebo“ (only corn), “de cebo de campo” (corn an up to 30% acorn, free range) and “de bellota” (pure acorn plus herbs and weed). 


Experts often designate the bellota quality often as “best ham in the world“. Next to the outstanding taste it is also worth mentioning the properties of the ham. The ham is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, has low amount of calories and contents folic acid, vitamin E and B and minerals like iron, zinc, magnesium and calcium.


As our pigs are grown up absolutely naturally apart from any industrial live stocking, the production is very limited. This is why our 100% Ibérico de Bellota is an outstanding and rare good.


Bellota (acorn) describes the way of the animals living, which is the reason for the outstanding aroma and taste of our ham. After a limited occurence of food in the summer, during autumn it follows the rich time of „Montanera“, the acorn food. During this time the hungry pigs living freely in the oak forest feed a huge amount of acorn.  Especially the sort of Quercus ilex with its mild and nutty aroma define the Jiménez 100% Ibérico de Bellota. The Jiménez 100% Iberico de Bellota - Pata Negra is an absolute delicacy, which is top ranked within the premium segment of the Ibérico hams.



Jiménez 100% Iberico Pata Negra


The Ibérico 100% de Bellota is generated from free range iberic pigs, which grow up in the oak forests south west of Spain. The meadows, named Dehesas, provide aromatic food, consisting of acorns, weeds, roots and herbs, which grant the unique and aromatic taste.  The liberally living conditions of these small and agile animals are the reason for their fine and beefy meet. The unique gens of the pigs allows that muscles are infiltrated with thin fibers of grease, which causes the fine marbleization and the intensive aroma of the tender meat.


Jiménez 100% Iberico Pata Negra


Our Ibérico 100% de Bellota Pata Negra ham is rubbed with sea salt and shortly stored depending on the weight, at 7kg about 7 days. Afterwards the sea salt is removed and the ham is stored hanging in a dark cellar. There it is aged minimum 3 to 5, sometimes even 6 years. During this period of time it gains its fantastic aroma.



Since Januar 11th 2014 a new law came into force, which was a break through to protect the purity of the Iberico race. Even for the local Spanish market it was not known, that up to that point of time most of the Iberico ham was generated by pigs, which were interbred with the American Duroc pig. Those interbreeds amount 50% or 75%. Iberico. 100% Iberico evidently was the exemption and amount less than 3% of the total Iberico market.


The law regulates that the name "Pata Negra" can only be used, provided that the pigs are 100% Iberico and are feeded with acorn. This means that less than 1% of the Iberico market can actually be defined as Pata Negra. From the beginning on Jiménez has been specialized in the purity Pata Negra. We have evidence of the genealogical tree of all our animals. Any interbreeds have to be disclosed to the consumer, showing the shares of the different races on the packaging. The law can be downloaded: (spanisch original).  A German translation, officially published by the ministry is available.


Today Jiménez Gourmet is the first and only company in Germany, which is certified according to the new law. 

For better understanding, what kind of product is offered, we provide the published document of the ministry: 

Ibérico Flyer
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Poster New Law
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